Herstory was founded in 2015 to create clothes that emphasize femininity and charisma while maintaining the line between exuberance and elegance.

It was during her studies in Bordeaux, France, that founder Katya Slunkova, decided to turn her childhood dream and passion for exquisite female silhouettes into a small project.

Katya started as a buyer and product developer. This became a very valuable experience and gave an understanding of what images are missing in the modern fashion industry. She was missing expressive, gentle, easy, understandable and feminine, all at once.


The name Herstory is a little rebellion against the language we attach to the past – his/story. Our focus is on “her story”, where “she” is the main character and the author all at once.

Each collection of Herstory has its own theme and concept, and every item in the collection has its own idea and name. One of the key themes of the last collections was music: instruments, musical figures, styles and forms. In another capsule, the dresses were named after different first ladies of the USA and loosley modeled after each one’s unique style.

Herstory has been well received by the media and fashion bloggers. Now the brand is represented in the most prestigious boutiques of Ukraine (in Kiev, the Dnieper and Odessa) and smoothly expands its reach to bring the Herstory philosophy to more girls around the world. All the fun is ahead!